BLIX Wine Glass Markers

Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold and Pastel Green


BLIX Markers

Elegant Choices for a Special Event

Have you ever misplaced your drink at a party or some other busy event?  Or maybe you’re not sure which drink is yours?  If so, then our wine glass marker pens are inevitably the ideal solution for you!

Easy and Delightful

These pens can write on wine glasses, as well as any glass or ceramic surface.  This can let you label your glass with your name, or any fun messages you could think of.  You can even mark your plate with these glasses; the choices are unlimited.

BLIX Markers

Safe and Clean

There is no need to worry about safety, involving touching or tasting it.  Whatever you write will be smudge-free after 1-3 minutes of drying, and will not come off until you want it to.  All you need is warm soapy water.  Your glasses/plates will be just as they were before without any marks left.


Non-toxic ink – safe for Children

  • Non-Smudge
  • Dry & Wet-Erase
  • Dries within 1 to 3 minutes


Use and cleaning instructions

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before you write. On Chilled Glasses for ideal results write on the base or above the pour line so as not to smear.

To clean you can wipe off with a tissue paper or simply wash with a sponge and warm soapy water.


Label glasses at parties

Whose glass was that? No more confusion at parties; simply write your name on your glass. The temporary ink dries within a couple of minutes and is easy to wipe off.  You can be creative and make designs on your glasses and bottles. Or better still, let your guests get creative and have fun.

Write messages for your guests

Welcome, Thank you, Just for you, Happy New Year are just a few examples of messages you can write.

Great as gifts

Giving a bottle of wine? Accompany the bottle with a set of Blix markers.  Need a promotional giveaway? Blix Metallic markers are a perfect choice.


Decorate your windows, plates, glasses or any dry glass or ceramic surface.  Let your artistic side free.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Although we are confident you are going to love your Blix markers, if for any reason at all you are not completely satisfied with your Blix Markers, we will refund 100% of your money back.


Product Information

Item Number: BLIX01
UPC: 682055837505
Product dimensions: 3.5 X 8 X 0.5 inches
Item Weight: 1 ounce
Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
Manufacturer: Prodyne Corporation

Package Contains:

1 Silver Marker

1 Gold Marker

1 Green Marker